Currently Available Homes

Caiden & Keller Homes is excited to offer some currently available floor plans to be built. Below is a list with links to a variety of houses to suit your individual or families needs.  Always and in all way we are committed to offering the most luxurious, efficient, and quality built homes.  If you browse and don’t see a home fitting your needs we strive to create the custom built home of your dreams on a variety of lot locations and sizes throughout Kitchener-Waterloo. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on the house of your dreams with Caiden & Keller Homes.

Preview of Locations: Please click link to view the attached webpage with floor plans.

Lot 19 – Teal Dr.

Lot 75 Pinery Trail

Lot 20 Tanner

Lot 19 Teal Dr

Caiden & Kellar Home-Cottage Style

Lot 20 – Tanner St.

Conservation Meadows 3200 sq ft

Conservation Meadows 2800 sq ft

Vista Hills 2050 sq ft

Vista Hills (1930p) 2100 sq ft

Caiden & Keller Home 3898 sq ft

Caiden & Keller Home 2400 sq ft